Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Back in Black

I recently returned from deployment in Kuwait.
My best friend Tom recently deployed to Iraq.

I recently spent a lot of money on a brand new black Honda Accord.
An old friend keeps asking for money—not everyday, but often enough that I feel like shit every time I say no.

I recently started to feel very distracted by so many things.
It’s hard to find time to write anything about anything.

In time, I hope that I find a way out of this literary malaise because I recently pulled a muscle from masturbating too hard.

Now it hurts to type.


infinitesimal said...

Hey Friendy!

Missed ya!

I was wondering if you were sent to Iraq...
Sounds like you may still be home though?

I know the feeling of not being able to write, I am supposed to be writing a long email to the head of my University's department.
I need more than one favor.
It's hard to ask for formal favors.

So I am in blogville instead.
drinking strong coffee with you.
thanks for keeping me company.



infinitesimal said...

Hi again.

well it's been a few weeks, came by again to see how you were.

Still blocked I guess.

I got my favor, had to trade a counseling psych class I took for the required Ed Psych class I needed to graduate.
needed to get permission to trade the two, and I got it!

So now i graduate in December.


So even at the rate of one post per month, you are still lax here, it has been 6 weeks it seems sice you posted.

Hope you come back soon.
I personally missya.




Please consider this: it seems that writing is similar to shitting.

feels good to get it out, but if you go too long without making, well, it's hard to push it out...painfully hard
hope you are not mentally constipated.

Boris Yeltsin said...

I've been caught up in some emotionally exhuasting shit myself, so keep writing, I'm reading!!!

Boris Yeltsin said...

BTW: your writing is top-notch, so don't give up - it's good shit!!!!