Monday, April 24, 2006

Back in Chicago

My apologies for the lack of updates lately. Sex and good food, I confess, have been my downfall.

I've been enjoying this homecoming and now my leave is over and I am back in the Chicago area.

It's taken some effort to get used to the day to day and I've needed some time to process everything in order to create some palatable prose for you.

Please, accept my apologies and I will repay you all very soon.


velvet acid tongue said...

hope you enjoyed your leave ... you sure deserve it ... glad to see you back ...


infinitesimal said...

Back on deployment huh?
did you put a taco in your pocket for later?

hope so.

hope all is well.

I'm starting a story on vanilla bitch, but don't get too excited, I probably won't write very much until school is over.

Just popped over to check in