Saturday, February 02, 2008

Butthole Whores Articulate Something Momentous

What I am about to write is purely unscientific speculation but I will type on none the less.
My conjecture is that porn is shifting and sorting due in part to the internet. I know, way to go out on a limb there on that speculation, says you.
Read on.
The internet is not the reason, yet merely a tool turning the brush of desire against the engine, transforming it with every touch of every perverted and covetous click of a mouse. The reason has more to do with people using the internet as a medium, a means of mass communication.
Porn used to be a semi-one way street with the peddlers fashioning the latest craze and waiting to see what people would buy. People are now driving attention and $$$$ to websites, creating markets out of what used to be niche or fetish, relentlessly changing the shape of the animal with the curiosity of their desires in the form of mouse clicks.
The advent of real-core is a straightforward manifestation of that which I speak. When web cams and amateur vids found their way onto the net, guerilla style, their popularity had the porn industry scrambling at ways to profit. The porn industry sought to manufacture real-core material, manufacture being the operative word.
Real-core paysites popped up all over. Web cam barely legal girls looked amazingly familiar, as if they’d been seen in 20 or 30 other paysites and maybe they appeared more used and abused than fresh from the farm. Butthole virgins amazingly took big pole monsters quite well for their supposed rookie status to their anal adventures.
Another example would be that of the tattooed variety. Somewhere along the line, an interest was shown in women that had a different look and then, all of a sudden, you couldn’t click through the net without seeing Suicide Girls, Tattooed Cum Sluts, Alternateens or anything of the like. Even Vivid assembled VividAlt, an arm of the studio dedicated to creating alternative porn.
I believe the studios have it wrong. They still operate on the assumption of craze and fad. They misinterpret the need expressed in the various morphing of their chosen market. When VividAlt was born, one could almost imagine someone at Vivid saying “this is the new thing—this is what they want now. Why doesn't that bitch have a clit ring? Can't we find a cum drinker with a 666 tatted on her guzzler?”
The various ventures of Real-core, Gangbang, Ass To Mouth, B&D, S& M, Web-cam, Amateurism, Barely Legal, Cutie Cutters and not least, other Fetish types, as well as the obvious rejection of plastic tits, rubber faces, fake orgasms, contrived situations and just flat out phony people give us something to ponder.
Coursing through all of the varieties of smut I just named are moments like the bent awkward look, a genuinely pained face, an actually perky mound of flesh, visible and believable enjoyment in the filmed action—the crucial component is the pure experience of authenticity.
The rejection of the fake and disingenuous is a rallying cry “give us something real”. This, I believe, is what people are after.
I also believe this craving for authenticity is behind the shifting tides of mostly every aspect of society in relation to mass media.
That's why Hillary Clinton, with her fake crying and her contrived life, will never ever win my vote.