Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Twisted bit of Political Whateva

It's been said by some close to Hillary Clinton that she truly believes Obama cannot win the election come November.
That may be more true now than ever but not for the reasons she states. She argues he is the weaker candidate and that he cannont win even though he has won more states and more of the popular vote and more superdelegates have declared for him since super Tuesday.
If she were to follow her own logic, then why wouldn't she be trying harder (as in nicer) to get the Veep spot, ensuring Democratic victory? If she is truly the strongest between them, knowing she can't make the nomination (as she surely realizes), shouldn't she be fighting to form the winning ticket? I see in the Clintons, the spirit of winning at all cost, which is evident in how easily lies flow from out their mouths, even their daughter has begun earning her namesake.
Clinton mouths are blackholes where truth gets sucked in and cannot escape.
No, instead she is knee capping her opponent, doing her damnedest to ensure he can't win in November. One can only suppose her behavior is geared for an opening to run next election cycle. It is also possible that there is no next time for her. She may feel this is make or break and she must exhaust all measures.
I think the most ridiculous attacks against the Democratic front runner come straight out of the Clinton camp. When they are called out about their harsh intraparty attacks, their standard response is "well if Obama can't take attacks in the Primary, just wait for what the Republicans will do". The unspoken proposition in that refrain is -Our attacks are just as vitriolic as the Republicans-.
Perfect example is this latest episode of how McCain AND Shrillary are both echoing the same attacks against Obama. Bittergate.
I would be lying if I didn't write that this whole ordeal between Obama and BitchFaceWhoreMouth doesn't bode well for McCain. Simply because Clinton's ability to draw Obama into petty arguments diminishes his original appeal. She has taken his shine and covered it with her own purient shit so that now he appears less dignified than McCain.
McCain now looks presidential, until you watch him speak (I mean read his lines) or until you see him try to raise his arms above armpit level. Sad puppet.
My ORF (One Republican Friend) is now more confident than ever that the R's will take back the houses and the Presidency.
My ORF, coincidentally is also my One Retarded Friend.

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