Saturday, August 19, 2006


I make my way down the broken path
Blackened rough and ragged
Stretched out like a dried out
Magma River

An amber flash beams my wants to attention
And I obey
Turning my rocket mind
Inside out

The Avatar beckons
And I obey

Approaching the Temple

A wary sinner
I unscrew open

Metal and plastic place of prayer
My choices three
A trinity of divinity pouring

As a spider weaves her silk across
She freezes at my finger

I press a Premium button

The Temple words flash
"Begin Pumping"
"Begin Pumping"
"Begin Pumping"
And I obey

Filled up,
Driving away,
I am at peace.


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dave chappelle stand-up at my pink blog.
heads up.

Boris Yeltsin said...

I love your writing. I remember in the last entry you made (or was it this one?) where you wondered if you were revealing too much about yourself. As long as you write under a pen-name, how could you?

I went to a university with an English professor who would enroll some of her students in essay contests. I was chosen as a contestant by her, but my wife threw a hissy when she found out it involved a 200 mile drive and we had to pay for lunch and dinner.

Anyway, that might be a venue for you.

If you endear yourself to an English professor, they can show you writing opportunities that very few people outside the literary world know about - it's really their job; most don't do their job - unless you endear yourself to them.

The professor I was talking about - it was easy for me to endear myself to her because she also happened to be hot (which I think was another one of my wife's secret objections) but anyway, it's out there if you look in the right places.

Good luck!

Infinitesimal said...

miss you

still around?

post an exclamation mark so's i know, OK?