Monday, January 23, 2006

Lack of Retribution

The streets shook beneath a hail of body parts and the dust of toppled towers buried our nation beneath a new layer of fear. Since that day in September, our balding Eagle has suffered a partially self-inflicted tail spin from which it has yet, to fully recover.

Time and again, when not the victims of an actual terrorist attack, we are relentlessly bombarded by the word Terror.

Press release upon press release, our color-coded-scare-system works as though designed by that little boy with shark-toothed wolves on his brand new little brain.

Whatever happened to that little boy?

The next attack could be executed by anyone—a neighbor, a best friend or that lurking little sister—how well does one really know those people? The threat of emmiment danger hovers just out of eye and earshot.

Did you hear something?

Caught in the crossfire of a Ratings War between media Titans bilking the PR for the Almighty Bottom Line, we linger in distraction while habeas corpus hangs gutted by a PATRIOT Act.

With cameras penetrating our privacy and technology suiting up into thought-police uniform, no sideshow could eclipse the recent growth-spurt of Big Brother who looks like he’s got much growing left.



infinitesimal said...

Hey pal,
Where did you come from? I dig it, first post down and I will read them all. Impressive, neat, interesting, intelligent, humorous. But no photo?

Check you later.

Pete Bogs said...

We may soon be meeting the “boys from Brazil.”

In 1985 filmmaker Terry Gilliam released Brazil, a sort of dark comedy version of George Orwell’s1984. It would have fittingly been released in 1984 had Universal Pictures not delayed its release for being too much of a “downer.”

In the film, we see a society in which civil rights and privacy are virtually nonexistent. An inefficient, fascistic government justifies its heavy hand because of random terrorist acts that are taking place throughout the country.

This heavy hand includes torture that sometimes leads to death, indefinite detentions, and all sorts of other warm fuzzies. A visionary film, that one!

Nice work, SA!

infinitesimal said...

Wait, you were talking about a movie????

JK I have seen it. Visionary, or Prophetic?

Mr Q said...

The mind, the rock, the wheel, the paper, the pen, electricity, radio, television, the computer, the internet, the mind again. From men, for men, by men. The media exists because we exist. Goverment exists because we created it and we can also dispose of it, like we do in other places as "liberators", yet here in the place we call home, we have more difficulty making changes to the desires/agendas of a few individuals. Yes I voted and I will continue to vote, some told me I was a fool for doing it, some said that it was my duty, some said that it was a privilege. I said that it was all those things and added that there was only three parties to choose from.
IGNORANCE,FEAR and the last party did not run at all, perhaps it has not been formed yet, but it does exist.

infinitesimal said...

I just wanted to keep you company.
My granma was in the USO. She was a hottie. Drove a powder blue firebird and packed a 28 under the seat until she was 70.
She just passed 2 weeks ago.
She was quite proud of her time in the dance halls. It was no secret that she was the best dancer around and all the men would line up to wait to dance with her and only her. It made the other girls mad. She had an older sister...Mary. Mary is fond, at 88 of saying "WHATEVER" to well, whatever. It is her catch phrase. She was in the USO too, and said that all the soldiers would ask "Well, you are her sister, can't you dance like her?" No, Mary said, Nobody can dance like her...nobody.

Well, you are smart, well read, funny and cool, it would be a pleasure to keep you company.
Sorry there is so much sand there.
What is the food like?

When do you get the chance to post here? evenings? Mornings?

What is your favorite color?

Mine is red, but I always wear pink. I used to be a wee little goth girl and morphed into the punk chick who turned into an alternatype, who traded in the rainbow hair for blue and beige matching co-ordinates. But then I just thought that I would own my pinkness, and have been encased in pink ever since. I used to love it as a child too, and would wear only pink patterned clothing in layers upon layers.
I am pink, and sometimes frilly.
Pink and frilly has been my standard "I have no idea" answer on fill-in-the-blank exams.

I eat copius amounts of hot things like jalapenos (yum) despite the fact that I am told I have an ulcer.
I am nearsighted and wear horn-rimmed glasses usually.
I have met and hung out with GWAR.

Who is your hero?

I'll be back.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

Nobody thought polices me without my consent. You either.

Fear is the currency of the american LEFT. Always hand wringing and a titter but bankrupt of any real ideas, or real course of action. Wailing and gnashing of teeth and woe is me. Man, who wants to identify with that?

'merica can't hear the reasoned among you when you let harry belafonte and cindy sheehan and louis (big mother ship in the sky) farrakhan do all the talking. Your party has been hijacked by a box of fruit loops.

You might be surprised in the ways conservatives, note, not republicans, are taking on these very same concerns. But not proceeding cloaked in sour defeatism; approaching instead with a mind's eye and heart towards the shinning ideal: That liberty will prevail. If you start out of the box burdened in defeat that will surely be your outcome.

I was reading this girlies blog and she was all worried about Dubya knowing about what she wrote in this blog. Really worked up in a lather over it. I scanned the content briefly. no molotov cocktail formulas, no al qaeda phone numbers, no ode to sean penn.

No, rainbows and crystals probably wont concern him 'mam.

graffitti artist said...

well written ... i like your title ... i will definitely be back for more ...

SwallowedAlive said...

I think you may have taken this piece the wrong way.
You're lopping me into a pile of people for which you obviously have little or no respect. It's equally obvious that you have not read more than this post. If you had, you'd see that I am no hand wringer or defeatist. The military is no place for anyone with those characteristics. I do respect your opinions but feel they are a tad short sighted and simplistic. I applaud your skill for confrontation but it is wasted here. I'm not here to bandy creeds, screeds or claim intellectual victories over anyone. I save my confrontational spirit for the violence I inflict in person in true militant manner.
It was nice to see you taking credit for the state of affairs with that whole thought police thing. Keep up the good work.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

touche swallow. you are right. i didnt read far enough which was lame. You are wrong to think I don't respect the posters and comments though. I dont respect the famous people I mentioned if that's what you mean.
To write hand wringing and defeatist isnt a put down of a person but an observation of behavior. Your place wasnt the right place to do it.

I didnt think i was here to bandy creeds or screeds or to confront, but to question as was the invitation. Your forthright reply has made me consider my voice. Must you be so mature?

I am not trying to win an intellectual victory either and enjoy a good dressing down as much as anything. but after all I am the simplistic sparring k9 looking for some fun. Which is why i love being called shit dog by bogs.

I get your point like a tight rolled paper to the hip

as for the thought police that a dig?

SwallowedAlive said...

Not in anyway was that a dig. You started out saying no one thought polices you.
And you are right, the invitation was mine.
Please continue in the having of the fun, just don't call me left.
I will make it a point to read your blog in full.
I mean, big dogs are my favorite. I write about them.

forksplit said...

Hey man. You comment on my blog a lot and your shit puts me to shame. I'm happy you get a chuckle from my solipsistic crap, but really, your hell is the real deal.

Stay well and write a book when you get back. I'll buy it.

SwallowedAlive said...

You are right, I do comment on your blog a lot. Does that make me a groupie? Too bad there's no backstage around here. Thanks for the huge compliment because that's how I'm taking it.